Church Gatherings

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 8pm Prayer drop in and fellowship

Tuesday, Thursday – 12.30pm Prayer drop in and fellowship

Sunday 10.30am Gathering and fellowship

These are the on-line / phone connected meetings of the Church, via Zoom. Please note the service meetings are open. There will be times for fellowship and talking at the beginning and end but during the service you will be muted, Please don’t share anything which is confidential although we will be praying for each other and for others. The Sunday meeting may be recorded so that others can hear it who could not be present. By connecting to the meeting we will assume that you are ok to be recorded on Sundays if you are taking part.

The Church Prayer meetings are an opportunity for the church to gather in prayer and so are limited to those in the church as personal details may be be prayed about, these are not recorded. The Prayer meeting on Wed evening is open to those outside of the church.

If you are using a smart phone / Pad / Computer the your video and sounds will be muted when you connect, please unmute only to talk to the “room” as otherwise we will get a lot of noise. Only unmute your video if you are happy being seen 😊



Meeting Link

Meeting ID

Sunday 10.30am



Monday 8pm

Church Prayer


Tuesday 12.30pm

Church Prayer


Wednesday 8pm



Thursday 12.30pm

Church Prayer


Friday 8pm

Church Prayer


Thursday 12.30pm

Church Prayer


Friday 8pm

Church Prayer



Please Note that the meeting ID stays the same for the same meeting on the same weekday, so Thursdays 12.30 pm prayer drop in will use the ID 782 025 288 each week.

To connect to the service / Meeting:

To connect to the meeting please follow the instructions below

By Phone

Dial one of these std rate call numbers and then put in the meeting ID from your dialling pad.

        0203 481 5240 United Kingdom

        0131 460 1196 United Kingdom

        0203 051 2874 United Kingdom

        0203 481 5237 United Kingdom

By smartphone / Pad

Use the meeting link for the meeting, if it’s the first time you have joined a Zoom meeting it will ask you if it can load the Zoom app – allow it to do that and then when it is loaded and running – select join a meeting and type the meeting ID.

If its not the first time and you have the app, then start the app, select join a meeting and type in the meeting ID.

By Computer

Use the meeting link to open up the application on your internet browser and it will need to load the “client” on your computer. Once that is done – you will be in the meeting.

If you struggle with this go to the following for on-line instructions from Zoom. Please don’t call me during a meeting as I won’t be able to answer 😊

Meeting ID’s will be posted week by week on our church facebook site, by email and on the church website – we will also give these to our phone contact team who will pass them on to those with no internet.

If you haven’t downloaded the “Zoom client” it is worth doing that and then starting this to enter a meeting, it will ask you for the meeting ID which is all you need to join that meeting.

Note also:

Sometimes connecting from a computer / laptop / Pad via WiFi can be slow, it depends on a number of things but if you have an ethernet cable that you can use from your internet router to your device it can be more stable.

Another option is to turn off your video, this also saves speed 😊

Some lessons as we travel with the technology

Background noise

It helps a lot if we make sure that there is no background noise where we connect from otherwise everyone hears it and the meeting.

Speaking in the main session

During the times when we are all together, the host will decide when to mute or unmute you to allow contributions. When you join a meeting your device will usually be automatically muted by the application.

Please respect the needs of others in speaking and don’t chatter away, keep you input short and to the point 😊 otherwise others can’t contribute.

Breakout Rooms

In a breakout room there maybe someone prearranged to get chat going, but usually it will be up to each person to ask who is in that room and then for you all to chat to each other.

When we use breakout rooms for discussion, you will need to know how to unmute your device:

Mute / Unmute

From landline phone or non smart phone connection you will usually be unmuted by the system, if not look for your mute button, if you have one on your handset or phone cradle / stand.

From a smart phone – it will usually show the icons at the bottom of the touch screen. These allow you to mute / unmute sound and separately the video. On some smart phones simply tapping the screen will mute or unmute the sound.

From a Pad it should be similar to the smart phone.

From a computer / laptop – it will depend upon your device – there is a mute facility on the application in the control bar that appears at the bottom of the app. But you will also need to ensure you connect with your device sound on and microphone on – this can vary from devices to device.


Lighting  If you use your camera is important. Its is worth checking what you are looking like with the lighting you have in the room. Back lighting can make you appear dark (sitting in front of window with sunlight for example). But you will also find that at night with room lights on the picture can be grainy.