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Jan - March 

28th January (Sunday)            1pm                  Church Members Meeting Church Hall

11th February (Sunday)           1pn - 3pm          Family Prayer Lunch       Church Hall

15th February (Thursday)        4.30pm - 6pm    Kidz Klub Feb fiesta        Church Hall

24th March (Saturday)              8am – 10am      Prayer breakfast             Church Hall

30th March (Friday)                 4pm                    Reflection service           Chapel

31st March (Saturday)             10am - 12.00     Family Easter Egg Hunt  Chapel & Hall


April - July

1st April (Sunday)                    10.45am            Easter Celebration          Chapel & Hall

 29th April (Sunday)                  1pm                  Church Members Meeting Church Hall

12th May (Saturday)                 4.30pm - 6pm Kidz Klub Crafternoon Tea  St Mary’s Churchgate Street

13th May (Sunday)                    6pm – 8pm       Prayer meeting               Church Hall

2nd June (Saturday)                 11.30-4pm - Church Community Day      Chapel & Hall

16th June (Saturfay)                  1.30 - 4pm  Garden Party                       St Mary's Church gate Street  

24th June (Sunday)                  1pm - Church Members Meeting             Church Hall

1st July (Sunday)                       4.30pm – 6pm  Prayer tea                      Church Hall

5th July (Thurs)                         9am-12.00pm   EBA Wave of Prayer      Church Hall - With Potter Street Baptist



12th August (Sunday)                                          Kidz Klub Launch service Church Hall?

13th- 17th August                       Daily                 Kidz Klub - Chapel and Hall

17th August (Friday)                  12.30 onwards Picnic and fun

19th August                               10.30am           Kidz Klub Thanksgiving St Mary’s Churchgate Street


Sept - Nov

16th Sept (Sunday)                   5pm – 7pm        drop in prayer evening   Church Hall

23rd September (Sunday)        1pm                   Church Members Meeting Church Hall

30th September (Sunday)         10.45am           Harvest Celebration      Chapel and Hall

3rd Nov (saturday)                     8 -10am            Prayer breakfast           Church Hall

18th November (Sunday)          3pm - 5pm        Memorial Service         Chapel and Hall